The best online bidding solution for auction houses

Bidspirit provides a complete end-to-end solution for auction houses. 

Our innovative SaaS solution contains a unique, exciting bidding environment for the online bidder and a comprehensive management system for the auction house


Nossas Funcionalidades

Unique bidding interface

Bidspirit’s visualization technology creates a holistic unified view for both online and floor bidders, putting the online bidders and the floor bidders under the same roof. You may choose between the unique UI or a “classic look” UI

Demonstração da interface de utilizador clássica
Demonstração da interface de utilizador exclusiva

Auctioneer console

The state-of-the-art auctioneer console was designed to provide the auctioneer with a unified, clear view of the entire information required for managing a live auction. There is no need any more to use a printed material for the lot description, absentee bids, phone requests, seller’s details, etc… 

Floor display

A powerful branded floor display replaces the old-fashioned presentations. Floor bidders enjoy a unique experience where the current price of each lot is constantly updated, converted to multiple currencies. Internet bids are displayed on the screen, making the online world a natural extension of the physical floor

Automatic catalog loader

Setting-up an auction becomes easy with the automatic catalog loader. Bidspirit’s technology is capable to read any catalog from any customer’s site and import it to its database, saving the auction-house time and efforts.

Analytics and reporting

Bidspirit’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provides the auction-house with a clear view about users’ behavior, catalog items popularity and auction results statistics. 

Virtual auctioneer

Automatic internet-only auctions are very popular today but for auctions without video, the user experience is very poor since no auctioneer is managing the auction. The virtual auctioneer technology turns a boring auction to an exciting, joyful experience

Demonstração de leiloeiro virtual

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